A Short Bit on What I Want to Leave Behind

What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

Here’s an interesting question. What legacy do I want to leave behind? I guess, most importantly, I want to make those around me, at least those that deserve it, happy and content. When I’m gone, I want people to have benefited from knowing me.

Sometimes, when embroiled in daily toils, it’s impossible to hold that focus. But as I age, I realize that being a benefit to others is paramount. If I’ve learned something, I share advice. If I see someway someone can improve, I let them know…without giving offense.

But beyond that, despite fears of ridicule, I want be known for acting on my convictions. That’s because, and I realize it now, I’ve let great things slip from my grasp. I’m not going to lament those decisions. Instead, going forward, and focusing on now, I want to make the right decisions. That means paying attention to others and weighing my wants and needs compared to those around me.

And that’s how I want to be remembered. I hope younger souls follow suit.

Have an excellent day!!

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