My Modest Collections

Do you have any collections?

Collecting: if anything, it can be an expensive hobby. But heck, like any facet of life, if you make small additions, those tend to add up. I don’t collect a lot of things, but I do have a few tiny piles of stuff I love.

I guess, since I’ve bought over one hundred discs, CD’s have been something I’ve collected. Yet, now that they’re practically obsolete, I’ve stopped buying them. I’m not even sure where my CD case is.

Same can be said for DVD’s. Yet, I do know where those outdated digital storage devices are located…they’re on towers exactly two feet to my right. Yet, like CD’s, I never use them. Streaming is so much easier.

I guess books would be another collection, although I wouldn’t call full shelves, ones packed with any paperback that caught my fancy, a true book collection. The only vintage books I own, if you want to call them that, are two hardcovers and one paperback. The hardcovers, one on horticulture and the other a Great Depression era textbook, belonged to my grandfather. The paperback is a first edition middle grade fiction novella.

Finally, since it had been a fun way to pass days off, I’d seek out area breweries and choose a beer. If I really liked the brew, and if the atmosphere was cool, I’d purchase a pint glass from that spot. Right now, and I haven’t visited a taproom in quite some time, anyways, I’d say I have around thirty glasses. They adorn the curio cabinet in my kitchen/dining room.

That said, I don’t have the real impressive collections. I once had baseball cards, but I’ve passed them along to my nephews. And heck, bragging rights aren’t really my thing. The collections I have are inspired solely from personal preference, and I doubt they’d be worth a dime at the marketplace. Which is good for two reasons. First, no one will steal them. Secondly, when seeing these collections, a stranger would get a good sense of who I am.

Have an excellent!

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