I know what you’re thinking, “A beer sign is your most valued possession? Are you a heavy drinker?” I assure you I’m not, and I beg you to read on…

What personal belongings do you hold most dear?

Here’s a question that, at the first utterance, seems fairly tough. But then, I give it a little thought and realize it’s a very easy question to answer. That question, “What personal belongings do I hold most dear?” can be answered like this:

When I was younger, sometimes, after church, my family would visit my grandparents. Their home, located in Maplewood, Wisconsin, was part house and part tavern. Yep, they had a running bar attached to their house.

Of course, when we arrived, being that it was late morning or early afternoon, the establishment hadn’t opened yet. And my sisters and I would play in the bar. In this tiny tavern, we’d play the jukebox, try our hand at video games and sneak candy bars from the snack drawer. Ooh, there was also jerky, beef sticks and pork rinds to devour.

So, when the grandparents passed, long after Karas’s Barhad went out of business, I received an antique lighted Pabst Blue Ribbon sign. The light works intermittently, but I remember exactly where it hung in the bar. Right now, it hangs in my kitchen.

Along with that, I have a coat rack and books from their home. All items elicit memories of my grandparents, and no insurance policy could replace those items.

And I miss my mother’s mom also, but, unfortunately, all I have is a photo stuck to my fridge. Yet, I think of all my grandparents often. I wish I had something from Grandma Gen.

Having those items in my home allows a feeling I certainly welcome. It’s almost as if those bygone times are still present. Through those seemingly insignificant heirlooms, I carry my past into the present. And I realize who I was and who I am.

Have and excellent day!!

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