Sonoma Wine Country

So, after a wedding, one that occurred in a stunning venue, we had a full Sunday to do anything we wanted. My sisters, along with their husbands, accompanied me to Healdsburg, California. There, in a town full of Sonoma Country wineries, we enjoyed Mothers Day.

What struck me about this area, and I guess I assumed a lot, but I was shocked by how approachable the people in town were. I guess they save the stuffy attitude for Napa Valley, which lies west across the mountains.

Here, in Healdsburg, a conversation was easily started, and California politics, the surrounding area plus wine growing were all interesting topics. Most of our time was spent in Soda Rock Winery, which, if I read my glass right, has been around for over 150 years. Granted, when the present owners purchased it in 2000, the spot was a disaster.

But, Healdsburg, from what I had witnessed, was an attractive small town. And everything there seemed to incorporate wine, even their pricey meat shop.

I suppose I should detail my wine tasting. Unfortunately, I really can’t. I couldn’t even tell you what wines I drank. I suppose I could look it up on the website, but I’d be lying if I were to describe their tastes like a wine aficionado. I can tell you this; I’m not a wine drinker, but I’d sip these regularly…if I could afford it.

I mentioned I didn’t know anything about the wines, but that wasn’t our hosts fault. As far as wine knowledge is concerned, this guy was the most intelligent server I had ever met. He actually held a degree in wine…I think Sonoma State University is the only spot that offers such a program.

But as I was saying, my sisters were asking this guy the intelligent questions. Myself? I was caught up in conversation with the couple next to me. With potent wine in my tummy and good people to talk to, I had a great time. And though the tasting should have been $25 dollars, the lady to my right begged the server to let us drink for free, citing that Mother’s Day should allow for that.

After that, and a bit of a buzz, my sisters threw me on a bus to San Francisco. I caught a plane and headed back to the Dairy State. I’d say the combination of cheese and wine is most agreeable.

Safe Travels!

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