Title Town Brewing and Restaurant.

Set in antiquated brick structures, overlooking the meandering Fox river, Title town Brewing is the perfect spot to unwind after a busy day.   Being part of Green Bay’s historic Broadway district, Title Town offers great dining experiences along with trendy bars, allowing for a fun night out.

You can choose from the Title Town Restaurant, found in the rustic train depot, where food can be served outdoors. This offers a casual dining experience.   As one might guess, refreshments from the brewery are always available here.  Trains still pass by this station, of course not on the same rail that entered the depot.

Across the way, in another building, the cannery offers a fine dining experience. The food on your table will come from area farms, fresh as any place in the world.  You can visit during lunch or dinner, as there is a menu for both.  The restaurant is in the same building, a circa 1917 vegetable canning factory, as two hip bars and the brewery itself.

The Brewery puts out fantastic brews such as Johnny Blood Red and October fest and is open for tours on Saturdays

The Tap room, a trendy bar, features bare brick walls and a concrete floor with modern  light fixtures, an absolutely giant screen to watch the packers kick some tail and a great bar.  Long picnic tables provide a great place for a group to commence social activities.

My favorite place resides on the roof top.  You can enjoy a beer in a hip setting with  glass panel walls that retract when weather permits. This allows you to gaze out over the fox river, towards Green Bay’s downtown.   If you don’t feel like sitting in the bar, just hang out on their patio and enjoy the panoramic view of downtown’s modest structures, such as the dome of the courthouse or steeple of the cathedral.

Today, as it is Tuesday, I’ll guarantee you I’ll be at this spot.

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