Green Bay’s Restaurant Week

I’m a bit late to the party, being that this Green Bay event started on Thursday. However, there are still plenty of opportunities to take your family, partner, friends, or whoever you feel would make a great dinner companion, out for a three course meal.

What is restaurant week? Simply stated, it’s a chance for local chefs to showcase their talents. Nearly thirty area restaurants are participating, offering three course specials at set prices. Lunches and a few dinners come at an $11 price tag, but most dinners are set at $22 and 33$.

If you’re interested in this event, just google Restaurant Week; you’ll find a page that lists the participating restaurants. Seeing that I’ve been to several, I’m going to include a few links that will give a sample, maybe not of what the meals will include, but an overview of a few participating places.

Porkin’ Out at Parker John’s BBQ and Pizza

1919 Kitchen and Tap

The Graystone Ale House

Dining Outdoors in Green Bay

A Stroll Down Lombardi Avenue-Title Town District, Lambeau Field and more.

The last two links include Hinterland Brewing, Tavern in the Sky and Hagemiester Park, which are all participating restaurants. So, even if there are other locations mentioned in those links, I figured I’d list the posts anyways.

Restaurant Week runs through July 22nd.

Safe Travels!

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